About us

Gosanet is an acronym for Good Samaritan Network.

Gosanet Foundation is a non-governmental Voluntary, humanitarian, non partisan and non profit making organization established in November 2005 by Mr. Samuel Yao Atidzah, HIV Counselor and caregiver with support from Mr. Jerry Delali Zokli, Mr. Prosper H.Akussah and Rev.Emmauel Quist Agboka; against the backdrop of contributing to Health and Development needs of communities in Volta Region and Ghana as a whole.

Volta Region is one of the 10 regions of Ghana; located along the southern half of the eastern boarder which it shares with the Republic of Togo with population of 1,635,421(2000 census).

Volta Region is rated among the poorest of the 10 regions of Ghana in 2004 by Ghana Poverty Strategy Framework. Similary, the 2004 HIV/AIDS pandemic have been very high in the Volta Region amounting to 3.5%. Ho capital of Volta Region was also rated among the highest six towns with HIV/AIDS prevalent rate of 5.8%. The situation of the Regionís high prevalence in HIV/AIDS and at the same time, its economic deprived touched these devoted people to form Gosanet Foundation.

The organization work in close collaboration with framework of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy Document (GPRS) through reduction of diseases, poverty illiteracy and ignorance in the region. It also coordinated campaign activities with National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) U.S.A and World AIDS Day in Ghana.

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for people who live in circumstances of social and economic deprivation to eradicate poverty and provide for HIV/AIDS prevention.

Our Goals

To promote socio-economic life of people as well as facilitate collaborations, coordinations, maternal and child healthcare, information sharing and general health care among its support and target groups, communities, schools and individuals in HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support activities.